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3 who wwll get married live oo the air... tmorrow on fox45 morrinn news. & p3 3&p a brawl inside aacity & school... lands one studdnt's mother behind bars.what sparked the huge fight anddhow family members got involved. 3&pa blast of winter... heading to maryland.and wwether or nott it'll be bad enoogh to affect your weekend ppans. 3 christie: yeahh iim asically the hhalthiest fat guy you've life.aad... we find out if -3 it's really possible to bb bbth overweight.. and healthy. 3 3 3 3 friday... feeruary th, 2013 3
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3 - 3
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3 33- 3 first on ox... seeral memmers of a baatimore family &pffae charges this morring aftee thhy eetered a cityy pssaulted a ffmmle sttdennt stuuent.megan gililland is that lasttd nearly twoohours. 3 good ooning guysarounn 2:30 wednesday afternoon... a brawll broke out insiie ddondson high schooll.- school.(4:06) when the fight went down thatts when eeerybody was likk its a fightt its a fight... ttat's when everybody started jumpinggin. & in.this student... who we will noo identify.... says 15 to 20 people were involved...
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parents... studdnts and teaahers.the fight lasted nearll two hours.sources & saa... it started wiih a female tudent. and on the 3 and sister.... entered the school unannnunced to seetle &pphe score with the female.& 3 p3:14)the family ccme up here cause they heard something 3 bbnked.the mother has now beee & say....the ight is still under investigation... ann that more arrests areepending. & 3 aa for here security was... wwen the fighh broke out... & coming up in 30 min.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a severn 3 man...whose son ingested 3 is acquitted f child abuue 3 septeeber paul brooks senior"
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put the liquid drug in his ccrr inside. the boo became ill, buu was treated at a hospital. brooks was convicted of nine other charges....incllding negleet and reckless eedagermentt thii month. woman chelsea booth with &pkilling her 2 year oll & daughtee.a ppesoo who haddnot seen the childdin severaa ays - connacted police. iiveetigators say boothhkilled her dauuhter ... then ggt rid charged with first ann second deggee murrer and is beiig held without bail..- 3 a big health scare... t loyola university. uniiersity.on thursdaa... tte school senttout a campus palert... after a tudenn waa piagnosed ith bacteriil meningitissthee tudenn as taken to the e-r... after beinggexamiied at thee university ealth center..- of now... the student is said to be in tabll -&pcondition. 3 aa arundel middle chooll stuuent is chargee with
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3 thrratening two--sttdents.the 12--ear-old is aacussd of and threateeing the other students onntuesday. police foond the knife in his lockkr and charggd him as a juvenile before releesiigg he boyyto his one was injuued. 3 palifornia auuhorities are seerchinn for onn of heir own claiming he shot and killed three people in a vendetta & against he l-a-p-d..ed payne has the ssory of massive man &phunt for an ee coo.... turned cop-killerr cop-kkller. 3 authorities say they believe dorner s responsibbe for a stting of shoottngs that have ppecific ttess o law 3 manifesto this is a very ...lapd is a specifii tarret, but all law enforcement is targeted. this is a vendetta against aal southern california llw eeffrrement."in - thht 11 page manifesto dorner complains about mistreatment by the l-a-p-ddofficers who he says took his dream job away. &ppi will bringgunconventional aad asymmettical warfare too those innlapd uniform whether on or off dutyy""i that letter he vowed quote: "" will bring unconveetional and asymmmtrical warffrr to those 3shooting n monica quan and her fiance keith lawrence. daughter of l-a-p-d officer who appeal after he lost his - joo.second shooting in ooona ramp.policer say dorrnr shot at ne officer was grazed in thh ead with a bullet.the offfcerr dorner set off again. was in riversideewhere, poliie 3 roundssthe two officers diee aad eriiusly &palso sent cnn's anderson
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conttiiing a dvdd a bullee &priddleddcoin wrapped in duct tape.chief william the ssgniiicance of the coin."whenn some one waasactivated inno the military, heading pverseas, 'd brrng them up too the office and offtheee coins as a token f respect and police says the doroner is say they wont yyu can't haae you and not be ound." 3& iim ed payne
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3 reporting. 3 police say nowwnear big bear 33 searrh. they have rged people in the aaea to stay indoors. 3 residents in the northeast aree scrambling to buy supplies... ahead of a massive blizzarr. blizzard. meteorooogists - say tte storm... has the pptential to be áhistoric.á - it could dump at last 2 &pooficials aae warning pcomuters o expect tte worrt. 3& preni says: "there'll be a significant amount of cancellations. and weesuugestt people that have been booked to ly riday eveninn ad saturday thhoughout the day, that they callltheirrairllnee -3 to check with their airline airport." some new england cities called ff schhol ffrr canceled thousands of flights..- we've expecting aamuch smaller blast of winter weether
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here in maryland later today. ponathan willlhave your fuul fooecast in just 5 minutes. 3 ,3 pay lewis performeddhis sqqirrel dance on the field for the last time.. buu his likeness will forever be at m&& bank stadiim. stadium.that's because a statue is already in the wwrrs. owner steve bisciotti says it will happen in the next year or two.we caught up withhthe mann wo created the johnny - unitaa statue.hees cceated his own model, for a potential ray lewii tribute. 33 "it woull be an honoo to do anything would exceed that i equivilent to that" that"", kail'ssray lewis scclpturee pook him 4 eeks to create. &p 3 cooing up.. in ess than a half hour... we'll be drawing
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the ame of a lucky erson who hassa chance to win 100 bucks. pucks. ttoget facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore ann ffll ut tte &pform. 3- p(break 1))
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this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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3p(bump inn) ((ad libbmeteorologist)))-
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3 3 ((traffic reporter d libs))
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3 map greenspring liberty 40 map 3 3 p3 -3
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3 3 still o come... sanny iittms are still bearing the effects of lass years stoor. 3 there could be more damageeon thhs weekkeds winter weather. 3& new ersey govvrnorr chris chriitie issonce again unddr fireeover hisswweiht is is possible to be overweighttand healthh at the & pame time? p3 ((break 2))
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3 33 you coulddcall it a double whammm. it's bad enough many peoppe in tte northeest saw their homes pamaged or estroyed by hurricane andy. now the area s getttnggreaay for a majorrsnowstorm. daa & bbwens takes aalook. look. 3& p with a container on the & pront lawn filled with furniture and garage stacked high with possessionn.. little is back to normal for lindenhurst residdnt, phil amico. miio says: "had ourr kitchen in monnhs yesterday, we're trying to gge back to & normal and this is ccming." 3 suffoll neiggborhood.. for this blizzard... sandy rrpairs.. he's ponfident a newwsnow blower 3&heck no, don't trust.. concerned agaan."unndr the patchful eye of rid -- iss taking steps to prepareethe liia syytem for the blizzard -- crews and definitely -3 learned frommsandy." osian whelan power after sandyy.. he wants to -3&pbelieve the utility on quicker this time.. but issfirewood.. --3 just in caae. whelan says:
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sitting here with pretty uch our ppnts potential 3 beginniig for eddof residents in our region... repairsson hhs hooe are account s ccrry says: "if anything happees... with going to ssay? where's my family gginn to live?" 3- 3 live?"my family going tt going to stty? wherr's my family going to 3 livv?"my family going to livee""-
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3 thht was dan bowens reporring. &p3 strright ahead... it's a battle of the bulge. bulge. new --3 jersey chris christie is being bllsted for his weeght. 3&pcan be overweight and healthy 3 a wild high-speed chase why policc wwre chhaing the &psuspect. 3 ((breek 3))
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3 &p3 a public battleeis escalating between repubblcan nnw jersey ggvernor chris chriitie and a former white house doctor.the big questton: & can you be overweight and peelthy.elizabbth cohen reports. reports. 3 it all started wwen neww jersey governor chris christie -3 made "lightt of his much talkkd about weight proolem. "i've made jokes about you. not justtone oo two. not just pngoing hhre or there,
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iitermitttnt, but --but in a wwdely publiiized ccn pnterview...a former white hhuss doctor said could die in office."i worry that he may &&phave a heaat aatack. stroke...ittss amost like happpn unless he addresses -3 those but christie fired back, caaling hhr a hack.healthy - despite christiee dave,,my believe it or not..ave: that'ss pretty good. and what about sugar. also ormal. dave: aso normal?christte: yeah. i'm seen in your life.can yoo bb obese ann healthy? well, &&pdoctors tell cnn evvn if your - blood ssgarrare ormml, beingg that you."even f your cloggedd being obese can enlarge can lead to hhart and pidneys, causs gall bladddr and problems and sleep apnea, which one respectee study found that being morbidly &pobese cuts eight to ten years pff that's comparable smoking. evvn christie realizessbeinn -3 for you.old, i have been &pdoctor ontinues toowarn me my ccnscious oo." if christie áwantsá to be president lose peiihh the whiie house, &pii.plan might likely include drugs, bariatric surgery.and white be easy.elizabeth cohen, cnn, atlantaelizabeeh cooenn
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3 cnn, atlanta 3 we're mmkiig
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2013 your healthiest year yet. the b-more healthy expo 3 saturday, february 23rd. can get health screeninns... see 3 stages of áliveá enttrtainmmnt....a fit ann fun ids zone... and much -3 much more.the b-more healthy baltimmreeconvention centtr on feeruary 23rd.we'll seeeyou - phere! -3 3coming up... in less than five minutes... we'll be drawing he namm of the persoo who can win some cool cash. cash. to get facebook dot om slass -3 foxxalttmore and fill out the form. 3& a rawl inside a city school... laads a stuueet's - mother behind bars.what sparked theehuge ight and how family membbrs got involved. bth - hookergatenew jersey &psenator robert menendez ii in "hoooergate."he's alleged hhve -3 made trips to the dominican republic for sex parties with
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underagg girls. he'd fly back & and forth onnthe private jet - of a major ampaigg donnr. but nevee isslosed this in accordance with feeeral law and senate rules. of course, &phe denied all of ttis. buu then he caapaign donor nearly $60,000 ffr the sex-partyy 3 more.the offices of dr. -3 salomon mellen, thh campaign donor, were just raided by the fbi. not onll for the allegatiins. but he's medicare ffaud. $100,000 to run $1,000,000 was given by business interests to with & tiis toomenendee.pushed for us government aid for a commaayy owned by receeve up to $1 billioo in dominicann governmmnt contracts.situation is troubling since menendez is the oreegn relltions vulnerabbe to blackmail by foreign interests.and you're probably sitting at home pondering, "how come this isn't a headline natiinal news story?" how come, indeed.for 3 behind the headllnes dot net -3 and follow us on twitterrand facebook.
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3&pi'm mark hyman
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3 the ravens secret weaponhow a 3 honored in baltimore tonight.

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